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"There were radio ads where the announcer would say, 'do you want the Twin Cities to become the next Fargo?,'" Zirin said. "It's like without the Twins, we have no identity. There's this kind of existential fear of who are we without it? There are all kinds of very irrational debates. If we just discussed this on the facts, there would never be a new stadium ever built again." Second come the ominous threats, which not only scare the incumbent fan base but raise hopes in those cities without teams, cruelly brought into the drama. The good people of Seattle, who did nothing to deserve losing their Sonics in the first place, do not deserve to be show ponies now, only able to dream again if it means another fan base has to go through the nightmare of seeing their team leave for good. For its part, Seattle went on with its annual pro-am game put together by Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, a Seattle native, last Friday, drawing more than 9,000 fans to Key Arena as part of a doubleheader with the WNBA's Seattle Storm. Hedge fund billionaire Chris Hansen, who led the group in 2013 that nearly bought the Sacramento Kings and moved them to Seattle, is working with other investors looking to bring an NHL team—either an existing one or an expansion team—to Seattle. The idea is if Hansen can get an arena built to house the NHL team, it would help the city ultimately bring the NBA back to town. (The current Memorandum of Understanding Hansen got from the city and from King County in Washington state which called for the construction of an arena only if an NBA team has first been acquired, expires in 2017.) For his part, Feigin says there's nothing artificial about the deadlines the team is now insisting be met. "I don't think this is a well kept secret in the state of Wisconsin," he said. "...The NBA, as part of the purchase agreement, put language in to make us build a new arena within a set time frame. That is not new news. We've been up front about that. I think the timing of it, and the reality of it when it's the ninth inning, that people might misconstrue that as leverage or threatening. It's not. It's just the fact that for the Bucks to stay in the state of Wisconsin, we will need to construct a new arena."

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Per il Vostro matrimonio la musica dal vivo non pu� mancare? Scegliete qualcosa di diverso e memorabile: il jazz. Quello simpatico di Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, del film Casablanca...
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�Sono davvero tante le persone che mi hanno scritto sollecitandomi ad insegnar loro come poter muovere i primi passi per intraprendere la professione del Wedding Planner, figura in Italia non ancora molto diffusa."
Intervista a EDOARDO AGRESTI, membro della prestigiosa ed esclusiva associazione americana Wedding Photo Journalistic Association nonch� fotografo ufficiale del Nikon Professional Service.

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L�attenzione al design, l�accuratezza dei particolari e la portabilit� ne fanno gioielli amati dal cliente che li sente pi� �suoi�, percependo la passione che anima i suoi creatori e la duttilit� nell�andare incontro alle sue esigenze.
Cond� Nast Johansens 2015 Annual Awards - Uno degli alberghi italiani premiati dalla guida internazionale pi� prestigiosa ed autorevole � con NOZZE ESCLUSIVE
La Collezione D.A.STUDIO Wedding Style & Glamour conferma lo spirito di ricerca, innovazione, freschezza e stile delle Collezioni DOMO ADAMI. Una collezione trasversale che nasce da un mix di ingredienti di buon gusto e approcci creativi.

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