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But with the election for next year's EIC coming up, my two good friends, who did want the stress of being the Editor-in-Chief, and who were both running, came to me, individually, and asked me if I was going to run. I told each, unequivocally: no. I'm not running. Have at it. Vaya con Dios. And I meant it. And then, just before the election, two other people talked to me. Thirty years later, this is still an uncomfortable subject, so I'm not going to say who they were. But I respected each of them, immensely, unequivocally. And they each said that not only should I run, I had to run. They said I was ready and capable and could do the job, and that I was the best person for the job. They believed in me, showed me a different possibility, made me believe I could do more, be more, than I was—and, really, for one of the first times in my life, I listened. I put my name up for election. I got the job. And it changed my life. Being the EIC for a year taught me invaluable skills—about leadership, managing time, assertiveness, empathy, decisiveness. You learn that some people really do need a pat on the back to do their best, while others need a kick in the pants. You learn that after working on the paper all day and night, you can write papers at 4 in the morning. You learn that people may agree or disagree with a decision, but they expect you to make one. You learn how badly you want to be a journalist. My good friends who ran were angry with me, as they should have been. I'd given them my word that I wasn't running. (They forgave me...eventually.) But I hadn't lied. What I told them, when I told them, was the truth. I just changed my mind. People in Dallas, today, are angry with DeAndre Jordan for changing his mind. Jordan's decision to walk away from the verbal...understanding, let's call it, with the Mavericks, and what was reported as the parameters of a four-year $80 million deal, in order to return to the Clippers and a four-year, $88 million contract infuriated not only Dallas fans and team officials, but made a lot of people around the league uneasy. People weren't angry with Jordan for changing his mind, but for the cartoonish nature of the last few hours before the free agent signing period officially began at 12:01 am Thursday, with assorted Clippers and Coach Doc Rivers inside of Jordan's house, Blake Griffin Tweeting pictures, breathless accounts of what card games they were playing, while Mavericks owner Mark Cuban couldn't raise Jordan at all.

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Per il Vostro matrimonio la musica dal vivo non pu� mancare? Scegliete qualcosa di diverso e memorabile: il jazz. Quello simpatico di Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, del film Casablanca...
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�Sono davvero tante le persone che mi hanno scritto sollecitandomi ad insegnar loro come poter muovere i primi passi per intraprendere la professione del Wedding Planner, figura in Italia non ancora molto diffusa."
Intervista a EDOARDO AGRESTI, membro della prestigiosa ed esclusiva associazione americana Wedding Photo Journalistic Association nonch� fotografo ufficiale del Nikon Professional Service.

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L�attenzione al design, l�accuratezza dei particolari e la portabilit� ne fanno gioielli amati dal cliente che li sente pi� �suoi�, percependo la passione che anima i suoi creatori e la duttilit� nell�andare incontro alle sue esigenze.
Cond� Nast Johansens 2015 Annual Awards - Uno degli alberghi italiani premiati dalla guida internazionale pi� prestigiosa ed autorevole � con NOZZE ESCLUSIVE
La Collezione D.A.STUDIO Wedding Style & Glamour conferma lo spirito di ricerca, innovazione, freschezza e stile delle Collezioni DOMO ADAMI. Una collezione trasversale che nasce da un mix di ingredienti di buon gusto e approcci creativi.

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