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Fegan by insisting loudly last Thursday that it should have been the powerful Fegan—who was in contact with Cuban all day Wednesday, I'm told—who should have informed Cuban and the Mavs that Jordan was going back to L.A., instead of Jordan? No doubt, Fegan has made millions over the years as a hard-nosed negotiator; this is the flip side of that coin.) Jordan apologized as people do these days, on Twitter, to Cuban and the Mavericks. Cuban didn't accept the apology, writing on his CyberDust account, "When is an apology not an apology? When you didn't write it yourself. Next". He declined further comment to In Jordan's case, changing his mind was one thing. But Dallas made decisions based on what they thought was a commitment going forward from Jordan. Because they thought they had Jordan, they didn't pursue other available centers like Roy Hibbert that they'd lined up to acquire; the Pacers traded Hibbert instead to the Lakers. They didn't push on Robin Lopez, who went to New York. Aldridge and Thomas on Jordan David Aldridge and Isiah Thomas join GameTime to talk about DeAndre Jordan returning to the Clippers. It was all fun and games on Twitter Wednesday, but people get hired and fired because of decisions like this. The Mavericks were a potential top four team at the beginning of the week; by the end, they were scrambling to bring in Zaza Pachulia and Deron Williams just to be able to put a decent product on the floor next season, one of Dirk Nowitzki's last. "This can't be the norm," one team executive not involved in the Jordan business at all said last week. "We can't have people doing this stuff." Of course, teams have often, through the course of league history, changed their minds about players, too, snatching back offers that the player thought in good faith was agreed to. They trade players they say they love; they cut players they insist are part of the franchise's future. Very few people care about the player's angst, or his family's, in such situations. But I digress; the next time a team breaks a promise to a player, and the player publicly gripes about it, I'll write about that, too. (I see your hand raised, DeMarcus. We'll get to you soon.)

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