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It was all fun and games on Twitter Wednesday, but people get hired and fired because of decisions like this. The Mavericks were a potential top four team at the beginning of the week; by the end, they were scrambling to bring in Zaza Pachulia and Deron Williams just to be able to put a decent product on the floor next season, one of Dirk Nowitzki's last. "This can't be the norm," one team executive not involved in the Jordan business at all said last week. "We can't have people doing this stuff." Of course, teams have often, through the course of league history, changed their minds about players, too, snatching back offers that the player thought in good faith was agreed to. They trade players they say they love; they cut players they insist are part of the franchise's future. Very few people care about the player's angst, or his family's, in such situations. But I digress; the next time a team breaks a promise to a player, and the player publicly gripes about it, I'll write about that, too. (I see your hand raised, DeMarcus. We'll get to you soon.) Five years ago, LeBron James was correctly criticized for not contacting the Cavs when he decided to go to Miami, deciding instead to keep them and everyone else waiting until the last possible minute before The Decision began. There is some difference in Jordan's tale; having begun having second thoughts on Monday, he basically shut off communications not only with Cuban, but had limited contact with his own agent, Fegan. But the very issue of players having such power over teams is also at the heart of this league-wide unease. Again, James has led the way on this: in 2010, the Cavaliers were deep into negotiations with Michigan State's Tom Izzo to take their vacant head coaching job. But Izzo, understandably, wanted to make sure James was going to be around to coach before he put pen to paper. And no one from the Cavs could locate James to ask him.

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