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"This project differentiates a little bit in that it's more than just an arena," Feigin said. "This is an area...in downtown Milwaukee, or west of the Milwaukee River, this is an area that is currently desolate, with no development. Nobody lives, works, and few people play here. It is one of the central arteries of the city that currently does not connect to the other parts. For this, it's much more than just an arena. It's an arena that's the catalyst for commercial, residential and retail development that's all part of this. When you think of Kansas City, when you think of Oklahoma City, when you think of development and you think of L.A. Live, when you think of drawing magnets and creating traffic and creating commerce, and increasing real estate, this is a much different thought than 'hey, we're going to build a new arena next to the old arena.' The Bradley Center was built on an island. It really did not drive traffic, nor keep traffic and volume of people there. This is really transformational. We've got to build a district where people are here regardless of whether there's a Bucks game." But the Bucks, knowing the team's appeal tends to fade the further one gets from downtown Milwaukee, have also gone to great pains to make this a statewide issue rather than a parochial one. "The math on this is pretty simple," Feigin said. "The Bucks, in 2013 contributed through payroll $6.5 million in their income tax. That income tax goes directly to the state. And that income tax is based on 2013 (revenues). It's increased approximately 12-14 percent since '13 and as you know with the (new) media deal, that will probably increase to $10 million a year in the near term. Just the incremental income tax that goes directly to the state is the big financial lever that justifies why you would invest in the development. The one that happens when and if this NBA team leaves is that the income tax leaves with it. You are left with a hole of several hundred million dollars in state income tax if the NBA team leaves. You are left with the benefit and the increasing amount of income tax if the team stays." Unfortunately, there is an eerie similarity to these kinds of showdowns. First come the predictions. Teams always say the same things when they seek public funding for new buildings: this will create lots of jobs! This will be an economic boon to the city! There will be a trickle down effect! The truth of such claims, is, at best, unproven. Even the question of whether to spend money on stadiums or social services is likely wrong. And the question of giving such huge financial expenditures to billionaire owners always gives pause. "Stadium construction has become a substitute for urban policy," says my friend Dave Zirin, the sports author and historian. "It's not like they said 'let's build a stadium or let's build schools,' or let's build a stadium or fix the roads.' It's 'let's build a stadium or do nothing.' That's the only time they broach the idea of things like raising taxes on hotel occupancies—things that have a real effect and trickle down."

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