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Five years ago, LeBron James was correctly criticized for not contacting the Cavs when he decided to go to Miami, deciding instead to keep them and everyone else waiting until the last possible minute before The Decision began. There is some difference in Jordan's tale; having begun having second thoughts on Monday, he basically shut off communications not only with Cuban, but had limited contact with his own agent, Fegan. But the very issue of players having such power over teams is also at the heart of this league-wide unease. Again, James has led the way on this: in 2010, the Cavaliers were deep into negotiations with Michigan State's Tom Izzo to take their vacant head coaching job. But Izzo, understandably, wanted to make sure James was going to be around to coach before he put pen to paper. And no one from the Cavs could locate James to ask him. Teams don't like that. Jordan's actions also raised the question of whether maintaining the July moratorium—beginning July 1, during which time teams and players can discuss in general terms whether they're a match, though they aren't supposed to talk about specific contract terms (insert your favorite euphemism for guffaw/chuckle here)—is worth maintaining. Is junking the moratorium because one guy didn't do things the normal way the right way to go? It's not a cut and dried question. "Before you change it, you have to find something better," a longtime team executive said Sunday. At minimum, Monday's Competition Committee meeting in Las Vegas—at which committee members Doc Rivers and Dallas Coach Rick Carlisle should be in attendance—should be lively. Mavericks Moving Forward Matt Winer and Brevin Knight discuss how the Mavericks will pick up the pieces after losing out on DeAndre Jordan. The moratorium was put in place to try and slow the obvious pre-negotiations that were going on while players were still under contract before July 1 in years past. The 12:01 a.m. "deals" teams were reaching with free agents stunk to high heaven. And the final cap number for the following season requires the completion of the audit by the league and union to determine how much revenue from the previous season came in. (This is why you can't allow signings before the cap number is finalized; a lot of teams were operating on a projected $67 million cap based on league projections. That then rose to $69 million, and finally ended at $70 million. Can you imagine the chaos that would result if teams signed players before the final, final number came in? A team that thinks it had x million in room actually had z+ million—the plus being the difference between signing and not signing a marquee guy? And how ticked off would a free agent and/or his agent be who finds out there was another $2 or $3 million on the table?)

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