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"Stadium construction has become a substitute for urban policy," says my friend Dave Zirin, the sports author and historian. "It's not like they said 'let's build a stadium or let's build schools,' or let's build a stadium or fix the roads.' It's 'let's build a stadium or do nothing.' That's the only time they broach the idea of things like raising taxes on hotel occupancies—things that have a real effect and trickle down." But many of us—me, too—remain swayed by the idea of a city needing sports teams to be "big league," no matter how arcane the argument. I recall reading James Michener's 1970s tome, "Sports in America," in which he argued that a stadium—like a symphony orchestra, or a fire department—is one of the things that made a city a city. But there is, of course, no way to prove that that is true. Or close to being true. "I have a friend of mine, who is black, who says race is just a construct, that it doesn't really exist," he said. "And he says, 'race is like Wednesday. It doesn't need to really exist, but you still have to deal with the fact that there's this thing called Wednesday.' It's the same thing with building a stadium. It doesn't really exist, this idea that you need to have a stadium to have a good local economy, or that you need a stadium to have good urban policy. It's not true. But we've all bought into that." When Zirin was growing up in Minneapolis, the Twins were threatening to leave town unless they got a new stadium—which they eventually got in the Metrodome. The message was simple: if baseball left town, Minneapolis would cease to be a real town. "There were radio ads where the announcer would say, 'do you want the Twin Cities to become the next Fargo?,'" Zirin said. "It's like without the Twins, we have no identity. There's this kind of existential fear of who are we without it? There are all kinds of very irrational debates. If we just discussed this on the facts, there would never be a new stadium ever built again." Second come the ominous threats, which not only scare the incumbent fan base but raise hopes in those cities without teams, cruelly brought into the drama. The good people of Seattle, who did nothing to deserve losing their Sonics in the first place, do not deserve to be show ponies now, only able to dream again if it means another fan base has to go through the nightmare of seeing their team leave for good.

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