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Is Oklahoma City out of its cotton-picking mind matching Portland's offer sheet for Enes Kanter? Well...define "cotton-picking." Seriously, though, the Thunder's decision—no surprise to anyone that was paying attention—that it would match the four-year, $70 million max deal the Blazers laid at its feet last Thursday is a gamble. But not the gamble you're probably thinking about. Most fans look at Kanter—an offensive prodigy, a defensive sieve so far through four NBA seasons—and can't fathom paying him $17.5 million on average the next four years. There is no question that Kanter, for what he's produced so far, is going to be overpaid in the short term. But in the long term, keeping a 23-year-old 7-footer through what should be the most productive years of his career is a decision that a franchise like Oklahoma City has to do. Here's some reasons it made more sense to match than not to match: 1) Keeping up with the Popoviches. The Thunder's worldview is always—always—defined by what it already has: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Having those two players create opportunities to compete for championships. But it also necessitates a constant roster churn in order to find enough talent to keep their title hopes viable. OKC has built and maintained a championship contender for the past several seasons. But the bottom line remains that Durant and Westbrook have yet to break through. While they've entered, and are now firmly ensconced in their primes, they've only made one Finals. By contrast, Tim Duncan was in the Finals on his 36th and 37th birthdays, as was Manu Ginobili at 35 and 36, and Tony Parker at 30 and 31. But outside of its Big Three, San Antonio has had just as much roster turnover the last few seasons as the Thunder. In 2010, Richard Jefferson, George Hill, Antonio McDyess and Keith Bogans were part- or full-time starters in San Antonio, alongside Duncan and Parker. DeJuan Blair played in 82 games; Roger Mason, 79. By 2012, Blair was starting, while Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were part-time starters. Gary Neal appeared in 56 games; James Anderson, 51. But in the last three seasons, Tiago Splitter, Leonard and Green were the new full-time starters, with Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli getting more run. And, now, that's changed again, with LaMarcus Aldridge coming aboard in place of Splitter, while Baynes and Belinelli (and Cory Joseph and Aron Baynes) lost to free agency.

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